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Infant program

3 Months to 18 Months

The program is designed to nurture the quickly developing Infant as they take their first steps towards independence. The focus of the Infant Education Program is to assist children in reaching their key development milestones by helping them to develop their cross-motor, fine motor, social and language skills.


The infant Montessori teacher is the connector to the environment, the observer and guide to self-discovery. The classroom has one Montessori infant trained teacher and one assistant teacher. The daily schedule and monthly learning plan will be displayed in the classroom.


  • Provide a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment

  • Foster the development of language and social skills

  • Develop confidence in their emerging abilities

  • Foster a sense of belonging and trust in their world

  • Offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks

  • Personalized daily communication log to parents with details of the infant's daily activities.

Infant Room
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