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Primary program

3 to 6 years

The primary program is guided by Montessori certified teachers using a full complement of Montessori materials in a classroom designed to offer choice for hands-on exploration following each child’s interests, learning style, and pace.


Our program provides a balanced focus of promoting independence and concentration while learning friendship skills and the joys of feeling part of a harmonious group. To develop a well rounded person, we enforce grace and courtesy, which is for life.


  • Provide a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment for pre- schoolers

  • Foster the growth of functional independence, concentration, and self-correction

  • Promote social development through respectful and clear communication

  • Offer opportunities for imaginative exploration, leading to confident, creative self-expression

  • Prepare children with the skills and experience they need to succeed at school and beyond

  • With our open shelf classroom setup with self learning materials and designated work areas, a child becomes more self-disciplined, orderly, focused, and works independently

Primary Room
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