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Toddler program

18 to 36 Months

In this mixed-age environment children spend time in the same classroom getting to know each other and their teachers well. The continuity of returning to the same room each year creates a strong classroom community, for children and parents. The daily schedule and monthly lesson will be displayed in the classroom.


Toddlers learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way. The activities for children in this age group are built around the children’s limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.


Our curriculum based on the Montessori method promotes early social and emotional development and fosters sensory exploration.


  • Develop children’s sense of confidence, self-identity, and belonging

  • Foster the growth of functional independence and development of effective communication skills

  • Promote respect for diversity and their environment

  • Provide a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment

  • Encourage children to develop skills such as critical thinking and experimentation

  • Refine gross motor coordination and fine motor skills

Toddler Room
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